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About Jaia

About Jillian

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About Jillian

Meet Jillian Stidd & Cooper, founders of & Live Fiercely Bold. She is a podcaster, influencer, Megaprenuer, mom, aunt, sister, & her favorite role NaNa.


In her nearly two decades of inspiring others, consulting and mentoring entrepreneurs and coaching high-performing leaders, one thing she has learned is that everyone has a little something fierce in them. But sometimes, it takes the right touch, the right circumstance, or the right person to bring that fierceness out. 

Jillian has authored four books to-date; Rich To Poor You Choose,  Passion & Purpose. The Art of The Flow State & 4.5 Hour Workday, & Create the ‘I Love You’ Company Culture. I will be forever writing check back for more.


Jillian is passionate about drawing out that fierceness so that her clients can achieve their most audacious visions for themselves. She's known for her unique blend of hard and soft skills and how she uses evidence-tested techniques to empower her clients. 


Jillian especially enjoys working with entrepreneurs and talent pools across a wide variety of industries, helping them to develop the high-impact skills and fierceness required to excel in business and in life. 


Today, Jillian leverages her deep expertise in consulting, mentoring, and coaching to inform the work of the Fierce Advisers team as it works to methodically empower entrepreneurs to build their business legacies and enjoy generational wealth.

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