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I’ve been truly blessed to have some amazing experiences in my life so far. I became a single mother to a beautiful daughter, at age 25, while working through childhood traumas.  Up until that point in my life, I was living life the way I thought would not cause waves.  

That was playing it all safe, then my true power became my truth as I came out to the world as a gay woman.  As my truth appeared so did the evolution of my life.

I slowly began to see my authentic self emerging & my life dreams became reality.  I few years ago, I graduated with a 4.0 and an MBA, all of which I told myself I could never do because one of my sabotaging beliefs was “I had test anxiety.”  I worked in the corporate world assisting others to make their millions & every day coming home drained & unfulfilled. My marriage was falling apart & I was personally falling apart.  I then hired a “Life Coach” & took my life to the next level.


The experience of finding myself revealed truths & myths I had lived my life by.  It revealed a new attitude that I personally call “eat, pray, live”.  I did all of those things…found ways to use nutrition to feed my body healthy foods, instead of the three o’clock in the middle of the night stress sweats, I would pray, and I began to live fully.  But my most blessed and transformative experience which started this amazing journey has been discovering my passion in empowering women & men to live out of the idea anything is possible! Inspiring them to manifest & create a life they’d only ever dreamed of. If I can do it ANYONE can!


Through my specialized coaching certification specialize in assisting individuals, businesses, & families to pursuing bold authentic lives & business success. I guide you step by step through minimizing, scarcity mindset, break analysis paralysis, crushing the inner critic, health & wellness strategies, self-reflection, meeting your inner leader, and strengthen your warrior attitude so you to can live fiercely bold in the world. I’ve done it & I’m here to show YOU how to do it too. Become a Fiercely Bold member today and watch your life transform!


AND… I love nothing more than inspiring others, so if you’d like me to speak to your audience or interview me for your blog, newsletter or podcast, just email me at info@LiveFiercelyBold.com

About Jaia

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Tampa, Florida


Tel: (813) 559-0707 

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