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A true story: The Christmas tree stand.

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Hello, Jaia here from Welcome…I just wanted to take a moment on this ‘Soulful Sunday’ and hit the pause button to reflect on my week, and in doing so the reflection was quite astonishing actually, and yet quite simple as well. It all has to do with this one simple little Christmas tree stand. Let me tell you why... probably about seven years ago, I bought this artificial tree that I put up every year. I would pull the tree out of storage and I would struggle with this tree because the tree stand was designed for a real Christmas tree not an artificial tree. We would have an all-out war with that tree to get it to stand up, I mean blood, sweat, tears, and yes even swearing! This happened year after year! This year when I pulled out the same tree I had to be a little more resourceful. (I will tell you more about that in some other segments and we'll have some discussions about it. I am going through a divorce and you have to look at life a little differently, you have to learn to do things all by yourself).

I started the process of attaching the old stand to the tree, wrapping the towel perfectly so it would catch the screws, sweating already with anxiety...All of a sudden I stopped and I said to myself, “what are you doing, why are you making this so difficult for yourself, and why are you struggling unnecessarily” the key word is unnecessarily. I just sat on the floor for a moment and I said to myself, “ where else do you show up like this in the world?” It is so very easy when life gets hurried and we have single focus and we stop thinking outside of the box. We also stop realizing that the flow isn't there anymore and the struggle is real.

I bring this up... and you might all be laughing at my Christmas tree stand story….Why is she telling us this. I am telling you this because I feel that this happens for so many of us and it's a true and real situation where we bring unnecessary struggle every day, every week, and every month. I know a lot of us are working in various areas of our lives, tending to family, we’re building businesses, we work for corporations, whatever we do we are all doing it in whatever way the universe brings us to that situation. I just want to encourage you as you're out in the world this season. It is very hectic and busy and I just want to encourage us to take the time in this season and every season to look at where the struggle is real...and stop to ask for the flow, ask that it can be provided for more ease with your spirit and with your day. This is a simple reminder of how to ask and receive how we can bring more ease into our lives, and in turn our family’s lives, and turn our business lives. So, my quick and easy remedy, was to order the correct tree stand for an artificial tree and have it delivered to my doorstep (cost me about $20).

To segway to your business for moment, if you are building a business and you are Building Wealth in your life, also take that ease into your business systems. Look at what's out there to make your business life easier, look at ways that you can strategize to simplify the processes that might not be working the way that you want them to, or the end goal is not the result that you want.

I think you for listening to me on this Soulful Sunday, I hope some of the things that I shared have made your life easier this week. Do not forget to check in with me on Tuesday for “lunch and learn” at 12:30 pm. I have a really fun topic I think you'll enjoy... As always don't forget to live fiercely bold in the world and have a great week

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