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Be Bold in Business & Family

Alright, think we'll get started. Welcome, this is Jaia from I created this website and Facebook page to create a place that I can continue to reach out and collaborate with women that want to live FIERCELY BOLD in the world! Over the years, and my experience in my own businesses and working in the corporate space, feeling supported in wealthy ideas did not come supported.

The topic today is COMMUNITY, and hence why a real-time live broadcast began. In the corporate world they're just simply, (and unfortunately) there wasn't a great deal of support in and with women. Women and Wealth isn't something that we often talked about, no, for generations and generations we didn't talk about women & Wealth. It is my desire to have wealth in every capacity, not just Financial wealth. I would love for this forum to be an community that removes the isolation in our journey to wealth. A place where we can share our successes and cheer one another on. A non-judgmental zone where every question is valid and encouraged.

I wonder if you have perhaps read the book written by Sheryl Sandberg, ‘Lean In’? You know she wasn't very famous, just the CIO of Facebook, and voice at Google. (insert laughter) If you haven't read the book it's fabulous and you should because it is directed towards women and the parts we play in work and play. She talks about in the book about back when we lived and worked in tribal community. There was not a lot of areas within the tribe that women could have prestigious role, and so there was so much competition these women fought one another for these roles. For these select women it was just really important for those few women to reach this status and role within the tribe. We have this fight/lack consciousness deep in our DNA. I experienced this competition in the corporate world at work. You know women are really hard on one another and even in our own jobs that we go and we work at eight hours a day. At the end of the day we still feel isolated because there's this lack consciousness which possibly makes women feel they have to fight for that position, no matter what happens to the other. There's not enough…. there's not enough…. there's not enough….that DNA whispers... and of course there abundance overflowing… I think that this community can give us a chance to talk about those feelings, talk about how we might heal…

I would like talk about about something, I speak to this on a lot of my videos that I have posted, and that's about what I call the “I don't” syndrome. l I just really feel passionate about this. The “I don't” syndrome really holds us back from our impact in the world. I hope that this forum release all those, “I dont’s.” You can actually take action to be fiercely bold in the world... so away with...‘I don't have enough money’... cuz it's free! Away with... ‘I don't have enough time’ ...because it's at lunch and you can just eat some lunch, AND we all have to eat lunch to be healthy so you can just take a few minutes and come and listen and give your feedback. Please offer your wisdom and whatever might come up in that half hour. How about... ‘ I don't feel good’... just bring your jammies, your hot tea, your comfy blanket, and join us. Maybe you just want to listen, that's great to! So, we just eliminated all excuses!Let’s remove everything that will hold us back from being bold in the in the world.

I think this is super exciting…. Who does this benefit? What about a woman entrepreneur that is struggling in business and might just need a new strategy. Maybe young entrepreneur the woman that’s dreaming to have her own business and simply does not know the first step to take. I think this would be a great place for she can ask questions. What about the women that it is her job to tend to her family, and all those obligations; looking at schedules, planning budgets, and tending to the home. She might require assistance with that family budget “buy-in.”

What about the woman who has experienced trauma in her life domestic violence or sexual abuse or anything in life that has stopped her in her tracks. Maybe she just needs someone to give her a helping hand or a hug or an encouraging word that day to help her find that spirit that is in her and”Light her Up!

’What about the woman that has gone through that trauma and has risen above it and she has all the wisdom to carry that torch and share how she did it! As you can see the forum is for every women. I think that it will be a place where you can come every Tuesday. I'll give a brief topic to get our juices flowing and then I'll open it up for any Q&A. Please always know that there's Q&A in the group as well, if you think of a question later in the week. I will answer them as they come in via a reply in the post. I want to encourage you every week to come with a journal, (maybe go out to your favorite dollar store and pick it up) What I would like to do for the last couple of minutes before we finish is just take a moment to journal the answers to a question or goal that I'm going to put out there for ACTION. Maybe you can bring back next week to share how the goal you wrote down manifested or how you made it happen. As always continue living fiercely bold in the world have a great week! See you soon! If you need further businesss strategy assistance, contact

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