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#BigProjects - #ACTBUDY 1.8.19

Big projects with a major deadline become much more do-able when you break them down into smaller, easier to-digest, bite-sized chunks. You're probably familiar with the Confucian saying that goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step." This applies to that big project as well. Creating milestones, each with its own mini-deadline, will keep you out of overwhelm, on track and on time. As you complete each milestone, you'll also get to experience that yummy feeling of satisfaction from meeting your goal--again and again. It turns what could be a dreaded, intimidating project into a do-able, satisfying accomplishment. Think of your biggest project right now and break it down into smaller steps, below. Tackle one milestone each day and you'll follow through to completion in no time at all.

Big Project: ____________________Deadline: ___________________ Completed_______________


Steps: 1. _______________________Deadline:___________________ Completed_______________

Steps: 2. _______________________Deadline:___________________ Completed_______________

Steps: 3. _______________________Deadline:___________________ Completed_______________

Steps: 4. _______________________Deadline:___________________ Completed_______________

Steps: 5. _______________________Deadline:___________________ Completed_______________

#BigProjects - #ACTBUDY 1.8.19

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