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Fit & Fierce in my 50's: Interval Eating & MORE!

As some of you may know, I have been super vulnerable on my Live Facebook posts about journey through divorce to find my #FIERCELY fit self.... to once again live #BOLD in the world. #fitfierceover50; @HeatherDubrow, @DrDubrow

A few months ago, I was lead to #thedubrowdiet and found my forever lifestyle fueling plan! #Intervaleating entered my everyday world. Two months later, I am down 25 lbs and looking & feeling younger than ever. It is ultimate #weightloss, while feeling amazing! Talk about an easy #newyearsresolution or #weightlossgoal.

One of the key features of The Dubrow Diet (#topdiet of 2018) is that as opposed to using sugar to fuel the body, practicing interval eating allows the body to break down fat stores on a daily basis and use those by-products as fuel. This allows rapid fat reduction and benefits overall health by minimizing the damaging effects of sugar and insulin on cellular health and physiology.

The Dubrow Diet describes a method of interval eating (fasting 12, 14, &16 hours options) (I add a bit of a #hack with 20 hour fasting period) that allows rapid weight loss and weight maintenance in three phases, all designed to maximize speed of weight reduction and fat burning that can easily be incorporated into an everyday lifestyle. There's a slow track, a medium track, and a fast track. I like the fast track — it's a 16-hour non-feeding period. But you still have calories during that period of time, and then you get your cheat meal, snack, or day, depending on what track you're on." You have to research the "#redcarpetphase" it is amazing for a quick 7 lb loss in 5 days! My tips, tricks, & hacks make it a #lifestyle, not diet, that works easily for anyone interested in looking and feeling their best. This book will get you to your weight and health goals easily and painlessly with a "Cheat Day" included, your welcome!

Two years ago, a Nobel Prize was given for the science of how interval eating positively and dramatically improves health, leads to anti-aging, rapid weight loss, immediate fat reduction, and inducing autophagy – the state whereby one’s cells break down toxins inducing cellular renewal. It’s this scientific breakthrough and our practical understanding of how to make interval eating work as a lifestyle that inspired us to share our secrets with everyone.

Seriously, I am going to say it just like it is... I went from #fat2fab in two months...I have about 15 lbs to go, so join the journey with me...I will share my tricks and hacks along the way! In the meantime, get these supplements to get started...effervescent greens, beet powder (your fasting must), vitamin D3, Biotin (amazing skin & hair results!)

I have a FREE Facebook group forum, Fiecely Free Forum, where I have a Tuesday lunch & Learn at 12pm noon. Join today for FREE tips, tricks, and Hacks!

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