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#Transformational Tuesday 1.1.2019

Over the last year, this has been my pursuit. I have wanted to create a life that I want to live. But during this journey I have learned there are a few specific ways to #liveintentionally.

Almost every story, people decided they needed to have a plan for their lives. It is written out, describes the future they want, and what is most important to them. This is a life plan. It provides purpose and direction to your life.

These are different from a life plan. A life plan gives you direction to a life you wish to lead. Goals are specific things you wish to accomplish that t into your life plan. These are broken down out of a life plan. And they drive you toward your purpose.

Set up a system that helps you get things done. This can be a journal or your personal email/calendar programs on your phone or computer. The key is to keep your system simple in order to accomplish what you want in life.

This is very important. Without committing to use your life plan, goals, and organizational system, you will not be able to live with intention.

5. Establish a Community: #FiercelyFreeForum

Bring a few friends, family members, or your spouse in on your commitment. Tell them that you want to live life with purpose and are starting your journey toward that purpose. Ask for them to keep you accountable. A community is key.

These are only the first steps to living on purpose. When you live with intention there will be some changes in your day to day life. You will begin to sort your priorities. For me, there were good things that weren’t the best, and so they stopped being a priority. Your priorities should shift if you want to create life you want to be living. PRIORITY SHIFT The I've steps above our commitments and priority changes. When you have a plan and goals you are establishing your priorities.

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