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5 acres-a yurt-a girl-a dog- two cats

Jillian's Journey to creating a sustainable homestead...I co-create my life with God and I have always had a great passion for the land, growing, and animals. Two years ago, I started a journey towards an urban homestead. In the middle of suburbia, in my pool cage, I started growing from seed. My 8-year-old grandson was my greatest cheerleader and talked non-stop about the "farm" we would have. Well at 60 years of age, I said to myself and God, "Let's make this dream come to life. I wanted to leave a legacy of my passion to my grandson. So I started manifesting, and the next thing you know I found a land company that has land with little down and they carry the note until it is paid off, and like other land companies that are similar, you can start building on the land as soon as you put your small deposit down. Check out So I purchased 5 breathtaking acres in Kentucky.

Once the land was purchased, I knew I had to go to the land as soon as possible to actually see what I had purchased (I know purchasing sight unseen was a risk) So the next couple of weekends was Memorial Day weekend, and I put a post on a camping Facebook group page I am on to see if anyone wanted to meet me on the land for a weekend of camping. God sent the most amazing woman, and she drove all the way from Rhode Island to camp with me. Together we did the unthinkable. We put up a 23-foot dome tent two gal's and leverage in the rain. To raise that center pole was excruciatingly painful.

Once the tent was up and we got a good night's sleep, we decided to put the Jeep top down and go look at the rest of the community. We pull out of my land and turn east and we see two people walking to the road. We stop and find out it is the people that own the two lots adjacent to mine. They are amazing neighbors and already built the barndiminium on their land and invited us in to take a look. They now have become not only neighbors but amazing friends. They paved the way for me....God put them in my path, they know the guy that will "drill the well", poor the concrete slab, place the plumbing in the slab, handyman, insulator, you name it they have the contact.

As I left the property to go back to where my belongings were in Florida my heart was broken leaving the land. The 11-hour trip back, I thought long and hard and prayed. God said, "go back ready your belongings and get back to the land as fast as you can." I did just that, I downsized a 5-bedroom house into a 10x20 storage unit. So many trips to Goodwill, and advertising things for FREE on the Facebook marketplace. I am almost ready to head out back to the land. I purchased a cute shed that now sits on the land where I can have storage for the things that I will use and not want in the yurt. Isn't she cute!

So the last things I need to do for departure is put a hitch on the Jeep Gladiator, because at the last minute, I decided I wanted to pull an 6x12 enclosed trailer to be able to take more to the land for creature comforts while in a yurt.

More is coming on this crazy adventure....

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