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Updated: Jan 4, 2019

I’ve been truly blessed to have some amazing experiences in my life so far. Met my boyfriend at 22, married him 1 year later.... and was divorced 3 years after that (became a single mamma and ended up with $100,000 of debt and on welfare – that was NO fun!)

That was playing it all safe, then my true power became my truth as I came out to the world as a lesbian.  As my truth appeared so did the evolution of my life.

I then discovered the #LawofAttraction and my #lifedreams became reality.  I few years ago, I graduated with a 4.0 and a MBA.  As well inspiring tens of thousands of my students in Women 2 Wealthmembers, and clients for Pure Profit Group. I’ve changed thousands of lives by them saying #YES to #action!

But my most blessed and transformative experience which started this amazing journey has been discovering my #passion and #empowering #women to #believe anything is possible and then #inspiring them to #manifest and #create a life they’d only ever dreamed of. If I can do it ANYONE can!

I love showing women just like you how to become the best version of yourself and create a life you love by becoming what I call a ‘#millionairemanifestor’. When you clear your #moneyblocks and open up to the wonders of the Universe, you will be showered with more prosperity than you can imagine. This then frees you up energetically to be the person you were born to be, live your best life, and be fiercely bold the world! I want you to create a life filled with prosperity, freedom, and unlimited choices. I’ve done it and I’m here to show YOU how to do it too. Become a #WildlyWealthyWomen member today and watch your life transform!

AND… I love nothing more than inspiring others, so if you’d like me to speak to your audience or interview me for your blog, newsletter or podcast, just email me at

#LGBT, But my most blessed and transformative experience which started this amazing journey has been discovering my #passion and #empowering, #women, to #believe, anything is possible and then #inspiring, them to #manifest, and #create, #WildlyWealthyWomen, #millionairemanifestor, #millionairemanifestor,

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