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Lunch & Learn 12.18.18

I think we'll just get started promptly at 12:30 pm, so we can end on time. Everyone is busy is this holiday season. I have my green drink 8 greens, a must try for energy during the day. Hello, I am Jaia from, and I sponsor the Fiercely Free Forum, where women can feel supported in their endeavors be it #life, #family, & #business. This is where women that have been through trauma can also feel supported and encouraged to get their Mojo back on.

So today with what I wanted to start with, if there are any children around, please give them a comfortable place to sit and listen with what ever medium they love to create in, possibly creating a heart, star, or anything that inspires them. It is never to early for children to listen to how powerful women can be in the world.

So I know that the holiday season is on us and we are super busy and involved in a lot of different areas of our lives, but for a moment I wanted to bring it back home & bold women for just a moment. It is important in business & family that we acknowledge the spend that we're doing right now. The holidays are full of spend for various of reasons. I want to address the family spend as much a business. When family is following a budget, they are taking responsibility for the success of the family. When business is following their budget they are owning their success as business.

I would like to bring a unique perspective to this topic. “What is your dot com?” For family this could be any name your family understands; last name, a funny word, anything that “explains” your family. Agree as a family and put in on your refrigerator. Online businesses that would be just or your Incorporated name. Brick and Mortar businesses, the same as online. It is important that you print it out and make it into a marker that you can move about. So often what happens in family and business, those that are in our lives are not aware when you are in “planning” mode. To allow those in your lives to ‘honor” your ‘ planning time’ have the marker in plain view. This allows everyone to know what ‘hat’ you have on, and what space you require at the moment. Those that support us are happy to provide the ‘space’ we need when they understand the boundaries. It is your job to make it clear and obvious. You could even say, “When this marker is out, it means I need one hour of uninterrupted time for planning". Everyone knows their roles during that time.

I want to bring up a few things that it takes to ‘Be Bold Business and Family.’

The first is ‘Super Courage.’ Courage to network, and be out in the world promoting who you are and what your #legacy is.

The second is, giving back... please find an organization that speaks to your heart and give back whatever you can. A small #givebackhack is get a debit card that is just for that purpose and put that amount in your annual budget and give back monthly. I know ‘giving back’ is not something we think about when we're thinking about business revenues & profits. I want to tell you a story a named, ‘Jax and his little red wagon’ . My mother, (I have to give her the credit) (as you know I'm starting all new traditions cuz I'm alone and going through a divorce) and she had this idea….you & Jax bake and take cookies to the neighbors. Through that process I began to realize that this was really a lesson opportunity for Jax that the holidays when there's a lot of receiving we can learn to “give.” So we bake all the cookies and we decorated them. We ventured out with our decorated red wagon to knock on doors and hand out your Christmas cheer cookies and smiles. It was so interesting because people were very standoffish at first...possibly because their dogs were barking or they thought we were selling something…. I don't know... but when they open the door and there was little Jax with a bag of cookies and a huge smile with “MERRY CHRISTMAS” you could just see in an instant their heart melt and they wanted to just have a neighborly conversation. You know it's just these little things that we do in life that teaches and reminds us the power of ‘giving back.’ Try it, it will come back 10 fold.

The 3rd is accountability….How many of you look at your bank & credit card statements? Not only look at them but call out your spends by category? I challenge you to ‘COLOR IT BOLD.’ Print off your bank statement and your credit card statements and gather a bunch of colored pencils. Chose a color for each category for business that would be like marketing, sales, and then your GNA (that's just your general administrative). Sum each category so you know the total. For family do the same, entertainment, housing, utilities, etc... For revenue or income I suggest you to take a different approach. Put your revenue or income by client or paycheck, high to low. Then I want you to count each item or customer. Place a numeric value by each client or customer of how the rated in speaking to your heart and impact. This is a self audit of how you are working in the world and sharing your impact. Where did you waste time. Where did you spend a lot of time we're possibly you shouldn't have. It's really interesting to journal about this because we forget in crisis and trauma how your service was important. We forget all the good that happened in our in our days & months; however, if we have it written down it is clear. If you would would like professional assistance with this, I recommend

The 4th, and the last thing is; do you know your #breakevenpoint? This is a big one and I just want to know if you possibly know your break-even point in your in your life? If not, I would love for you to reach out for more information or check out this article I wrote. To not not know your break-even means you are kind of just living on a teeter totter. Whimsically your success could go either way.

I hope this helped you today, and as always, ‘live #fiercelybold in the world’, see you soon.

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